Limited Edition Jubilee Bag by Sindiso Khumalo

Sustainable textile and fashion designer, Sindiso Khumalo has a long-running history with Design Indaba. The relationship first began at the 2015 Conference, where Khumalo presented her ‘monochromatic fashion’ collection inspired by Zulu culture and tradition.

In 2019, Khumalo joined a team of  African designers to collaborate on the much-anticipated Ikea ÖVERALLT collection. This was launched at the place where it all started – Design Indaba Festival in Cape Town. The collection was themed around modern urban rituals and the importance they play in the home. 

“We as Africans are taking hold of this source of inspiration that so many people have been using, and we are making it ours.” - Sindiso Khumalo  

Khumalo once again returned to Design Indaba in 2020. This time to create a unique tote bag for our 25th anniversary. This limited edition drop was designed by the LMVH finalist, to celebrate 25 years of our annual design Conference. It features Khumalo’s signature original prints in red, black and yellow.